Sunday, 6 January 2013

One week down

The first week is done and it has been a testing start to my campaign. The goal for this week was to be a swim based week and I wanted to chalk up at least 20km of swimming.

I started the week a little tired after a great long ride/run session on Sunday. With Tuesday being New Years day, there were no pools open so this sent me to our local lake for an open water swim in the afternoon after 100km on the bike in the morning.

By Thursday morning I had nailed all of my sessions and received a call at work asking if I wanted to go on call for the next week. Being on call is too hard to pass up so I decided to do it knowing it would have some effect on my training. This involves not being too far away from my phone or truck at all times and be ready to respond instantly. Therefore I would become closely aquainted with my wind trainer and a treadmill located at my parents house. As I only get one squad swim session in a week, this would be the only swim. In short, I had a few callouts and worked until 5am Fri and 2am Sat and woke each day as if I had been partying for days so training was certainly off the cards. I just had to rest up which was killing me.

As I write this, I have managed two wind trainer sessions today being Sunday and the end of week 1 of training. It has not been a blazing start and I have four more days to go of stand by. I plan on a 1hr wind trainer each morning followed by a run each afternoon. I hate running or riding in a stationary spot but I am using this as a test of my willpower.

Lets hope the next week will be a more productive one.