Monday, 31 December 2012

12 weeks and counting

This week marks only 12 weeks until Ironman Melbourne. After racing the Hervey Bay 100 I immediately turned my training towards a block of base building. This saw me heading out to Mt Glorious and Nebo often and lots of hill climbing on the bike. I decided that 90% of my runs were just about running and didn't concern myself with the pace I was running. In the pool, I just got in a swam consistent km's and didn't worry about looking at the clock or hitting certain repeat times.

For the past four weeks I have averaged about 13km swim, 250km bike and 60km running. They are not huge km's but I feel that I have been very consistent and getting the job done.

As with my prep for Ironman Australia, I have penned a 12 week programme to lead me into IMM. At the moment I feel that my swim and bike are progressing well and am very happy with the improvements I have made on my run leading into my 12 week programme. Over the past few months I have locked in my mid week sessions consistently and I will leave this very similar and increase my weekend sessions to get me the volume. I will mix it up with a number of races, Time Trial and brick sessions.

I will check in again with an update on my progress